Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Made to Pay: Fifteen

The Green Man stepped into the light, his gun held ready. The men cowered, releasing the figure of Sparrowhawk. Her breathing quickened, eyes wide, she looked less impressive than when she had attacked. Still, she adopted a fighting stance, watching the men.

"That night, in the shadow of the chapel," the Green Man spoke slowly, "you damaged Sparrowhawk beyond recovery. And I swore revenge."

"You were with her?" Gwynn gasped. "I didn't know you..."

"I loved her," the Green Man told her, "and she wanted to protect me. Wanted so much that she put herself in the way of danger, thinking I wasn't ready to face you. Now I am, I assure you." He lowered his gun, until Gwynn was looking down its barrel. There was not a trace of hesitation in his eyes.

"And the girl?" Gwynn looked across at the trim figure of Sparrowhawk.

"One of your own students," the Green Man replied. "She agreed to help after she heard what had happened to Sparrowhawk."

"Listen," Gwynn spoke swiftly, "you have no love for this country any more than another. These carriers are weapons, weapons that..."

"William Gwynn." The Green Man cut him off brutally. "It is not for spying that I kill you, nor out of love for any country that I pull the trigger. My opinions of those are my own. It is for destroying a brave girl that I kill you now. And it is out of love for her that I pull the trigger."

The big gun roared, and the impact of the bullet sent Gwynn flying. A second shot, fired while he was in the air, made a large hole in his head.

The others made to escape. Sparrowhawk leapt on them, flying fists sending men to the ground all around her. The Green Man joined her, holstering his gun. Soon, the elegant room was full of unconscious people.

"Call the Police." The Green Man walked out, past a shocked-looking maid. "Tell them the Green Man has collected payment."
Sparrowhawk shrugged, as she ran out to join the Green Man under the stars.
"Paid in full?" she asked curiously.
"not yet." The Green Man looked up at the stars. "But almost. Are you ready to follow me one more time?"
"Forever, Green Man," the blonde bombshell replied with cheerful confidence. "Where to now?"

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