Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Made to Pay: Fourteen

A swift blow from the gauntleted fist of Sparrowhawk was more than enough to knock the man into the middle of next week. He fell against the wall, and Sparrowhawk was only just able to keep him from making a serious noise as he fell. She grabbed the gun from his nerveless fingers and emptied it. The clip went into the fireplace. Moving stealthily, she crossed to the door, a heavy oak item that must have done something to shut out the sound of walloping. She slowly depressed the door handle, listening carefully. What she heard was a lot of talk in a foreign language. She waited for an opportune moment at which to make her presence known. However, a trace of movement, seen out of the corner of her eye, spoiled that plan. Turning, she dealt a man a kick to the jaw. sending him sprawling across a sofa. Another movement, this time from the doorway caused the intrepid lady to turn.

The sub-machine gun she found pointed at her persuaded her to raise her hands in surrender. Still, her eyes flashed, as she was led into the room where the spies and traitors were gathered. There, the leader, William Gwynn, waited for her, smiling.
"We meet again." He stepped forward. "You know, I never expected to see you again. I was sure you were dead."

"Well, you were wrong, weren't you?" she glared at him defiantly.

"I wonder..." the lecturer shook his head. "The body is the same, but the manner is different, more immature. Can it be that another is using the name and reputation of Sparrowhawk, knowing that I would be drawn to her, that I would have to meet her, to know that she was dead?"

"You are not wrong, William Gwynn." A deep, chilling voice spoke from the shadows. "But it will do you no good. You have already signed your death warrant. All that remains for you is justice."


green man fan said...

I sense that some vengeance is about to be visited upon the wicked!

Anonymous said...

Dark vengeance!