Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Curse: Part Two

Those words decided Lady Sylvia, slipping back to her room, the Green Man's assistant threw on some clothes and ran down the back stairs, an arrangement she had discovered long enough ago when she wanted to get out of the inn without anyone else noticing. She ran to her car, and drove off in the direction of Mainstone Park.

The man on the gates saluted Lady Sylvia, as he sports car slid through the gates, heading up towards the gothic fantasy that was Mainstone House.

She had no time for any ceremonies, as she ran up to the door, pulling on the bell rope.

"Lady Sylvia," the footman bowed. "Lord Ambrose was wondering where you were. I am glad to see..."

"Whatever!" the young aristocrat shouted, "get him now "- this is serious! Something about a curse!"

"The curse of Mainstone." The voice of her brother caused Lady Sylvia to look up. "I know."

Lady Sylvia gasped at the appearance of her brother.

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