Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sunday Supplement: Dare to be a Gideon?

Sir Richard Arcos here: This Monday, I was with Mr. Lewis County, who is a member of the Gideons, special branch. Not to be mistaken for the gent in the TV series based on the books written by John Creasey. We were walking up a largish mountain in South Wales, amid the swirling mists. The intention was to place a Bible on top of the highest peak in South Wales.

The Bible to be used was a weatherproof King James Version, as the Special Branch of the Gideons use the AV to add to the extreme nature of what thy do.
Sometimes visiblity was close to zero, as we struggled up the paths that led to the summit. We did not pause for breath, mostly because the other were far too busy shouting to each other. My eldest grandson, Vernon Everard went with me, but we left him behind.
Once we had got to the top, the Bible was duly placed, set on a little cairn of stones. As the party descended, I was invited to come with them on their next great challenge: planting a Bible on the top of Mount Everest.

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Dan Pugh said...

Pity the one on Pen-y-fan wasn't weatherproof, eh, Gerry.