Friday, January 11, 2008

Murder to Order: Fifteen

The great castle had, as Ms. Madison feared, crumbled into the destroyed bunker. The people standing on the lawn indicated that they had been able to evacuate in time. But Ms. Madison was not looking at them, nor was she looking at Mr. Rake, in spite of the arm he had around her. She was looking at the quiet figure of Lady Sylvia, only too aware of what her friend had done.

"Mike..." she whispered to Mr. Rake, as she left his arms. "Sylv..."

He nodded, allowing Ms. Madison to move to her friend's side. Lady Sylvia did not notice her, as she looked towards the shattered ruins of Caine's castle.

"It's done." She spoke softly, still not looking around. "The reason why I joined the Green Man. The vengeance of Lady Sylvia Vaughan. Do you think I'm a bad person, Lynette?"

"The Green Man knew all about this." Ms. Madison smiled encouragingly. "Caine couldn't be touched by the law. He's just the sort of person the Green Man exists to punish. You know I've killed more people than you have."

"But was that personal?" Lady Sylvia sighed deeply. "Lynette, I used the Green Man to take revenge on someone who hurt my family. I've destroyed him, and I've destroyed his house. If my family knew, then they'd disown me."

"And if my father knew exactly what I've done, he'd have me arrested." Ms. Madison smiled again. "When I signed up with the Green Man, I knew I'd be alienating my family. But I knew it was the right thing to do."

"I'm just glad my brother left after arranging for the house to be evacuated." Lady Sylvia looked out over the park. "And glad you're not angry with me."
"Why should I be?" Ms. Madison laughed, "vigilantes both, Sylv. Shall we spend tonight at the Savoy ballroom?"
"Why not?" Lady Sylvia took her friend's arm.

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