Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Escape

Joseph Stone was a musician. At least, he was a musician if he could be described as anything. Truth to tell, he had never really ceased to be a student, except that his university had thrown his out after three years in which he acquired nothing but vices. He always left without paying his bills, leaving landlords with enough bounced cheques to paper a room and former flatmates having to meet the bills that he had run up. One of them, a girl he had used then discarded, killed herself and her unborn child. Her parents tried to bring the man responsible for her death to justice. They could not. And he told the press that it was nothing to do with him, while moving into a new house under an assumed name. The reprobate tried to disappear.

He was woken one night by a hammering on the door. There he found his landlord with a guest. A figure in green, a scarf drawn across his face. With a grim smile the landlord told the man that he was wanted.

They found his body hanging from a tree in the Cathedral Close, Norwich. The same tree that his girlfriend hand hanged herself on.
And vengeance was satisfied.


green man fan (except for this post perhaps) said...

I disagree with The Green Man here. The antagonist of the story may have been a jerk of the first degree, but is he culpable to the point of death for his ex-girlfriend's suicide?

Sorry, I think The Green Man needs to visit veangeance on himself for overreaching.

The Green Man said...

If he had not seduced her, then she would not haveslain herself. His impenitence and approaches to a certain cousin of Lady Sylvia's showed that he would act so again. There was no other way.

The wicked must be made to pay.

[and the editor has just had to write a large cheque to cover the unpaid bills of just such a pair of wastrels. Dark vengeance will not be slow in coming to the.]

green man fan (except for this post perhaps) said...

I guess I shall have to disagree with The Green Man, even though I thrill to his frequent visits of vengeance on the wicked in all other posts.

I would've thought that The Green Man would simply rough up the scoundrel to teach him a lesson. But taking his life still seems like too much vengeance.

But I'm open to the possibility that the scoundrel may have more evil on his dossier than The Green Man feels necessary to admit to those of us who follow his exploits.

Ms. L. Madison said...

Oh, you'd be surprised...