Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to College: Another New Term

Sir Richard Arcos, Eduction Correspondent writes: Another new term is begun, and all over this green and pleasant land. I was deputed to accompany Alice Rule, my youngest Grandchild, to her first term at the East Anglian Institute of Advanced Science. The dear child wishes to be a forensic examiner or something. Dashed if I know why.
I arrived to find the place is an old country house in the depths of rural no-where, with a large heli-pad. The halls of Residence are in the converted stables, while main classrooms in the house, Apparently there is a cyclotron in a vast underground lab under the grounds, and the greenhouse in the foreground houses man-eating plants. There was a man staked out on an anthill a little way away.
My daughter tells me that the dean of the University is a super-villain, but apparently his appointment was upheld on the grounds of diversity.

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