Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Made to Pay: Part Three

The Green Man looked down on the lights of the town, shining through the gloom. The cold wind of night tugged at his long coat. He seemed very distant to Sian Rule, but she had no desire to escape his presence. The years seemed to hang very heavy on the avenger that night.

"She was called Sparrowhawk," the Green Man went on. "She wore a mask and a costume that stopped men on its own. She carried a bull-whip that she could do anything with. She was a hunter, Sian, and evil men were her prey.

"We met in Monaco. She was after a crime boss from America, and I was after a swindler. The first time we met she told me not to get in her way. The second time I told her not to get in my way. She said nothing, but I found the swindler tied up outside the derelict building I was using as my headquarters.

"We met several times after that, always professionally. I never found out who she was, and she never even asked who I was. Even so, I let her have the number of my private line - the one my agents have."

The Green Man paused for a long time. He looked out over the darkened sea, across to where the lights of Aberdovey and Towyn sparkled on the waves, although the towns themselves were hidden.

"When I got a call from Sparrowhawk saying she was in Shrewsbury and wanted to see me," the Green Man sighed, "I had to respond. I told her that I'd take the next train from London. She promised to wait. Even though she wouldn't tell me what she was up against, I knew it had to be serious. I could hear the worry in her voice."

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green man fan said...

Is The Girl in Grey being edged out? Is there a contract dispute behind the scenes?