Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Nineteen

The Grey Tabby laughed wickedly, as Ms. Madison andLady Sylvia bent, their bodies convulsed with pain. His evil laughter filled the air. The creature fell, too, blood pouring from its mouth and nose.

"Die!" he shouted, "die and know that I triumph!"

"No." The Green Man smiled, removing another device from his pocket. To the horror of the Grey Tabby, he was completely unaffected.

"It can't be!" the Grey Tabby motioned to his goons, "get him, destroy him!"

"It can be," the Green Man gunned down two of the goons. "You are protected. As am I. If one person can create an antidote, another can. I discovered that the technology for this neural net was stolen from Government laboratories and had a blocker made."

"Your assistants will die, though," the Grey Tabby told him. "Unless you can find the power source and turn it off, they will perish."

"Like this, you mean?" the Green Man pressed a button on the device that he had taken from his pocket. Nothing happened, and the Grey Tabby laughed once more.

"It's lead shielded!" the Grey Tabby laughed, "and in five minutes the whole house will be destroyed, the girls with it!"
"No." the Green Man raised his gun. "You will end this. Or you will die."
"All right." the Grey Tabby smiled, "but you must let me go in order to save your friends."

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