Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Murder to Order: Three

Ms. Madison tried very hard not to look too shocked as she was led through into the busy office. They passed by a number of cubicles, with people working away. Ms. Madison looked out of the window, over the rooftops of the city.

"Come on!" the woman spoke sharply to the elegantly dressed blonde, "this isn't a fashion show!"

"Noticed," Ms. Madison glared at the woman, while looking at the attire of the young men and women. "Some people here could do with a serious makeover - and I don't mean maybe. Where 'll I be working?"

"The call centre," the woman told Ms. Madison, in tones that made her heart sink. "You'll be dealing with small and big customers."

"Small and big?" Ms. Madison looked even more shocked.

"We do have corporate clients," the woman told Ms. Madison. "As well as the individual clients, of course. Most of the people who use us are individual clients, but when we have the opportunity to build a lasting relationship..."

Ms. Madison was sure she was about to faint, when her mobile 'phone went off. She started and apologised.

"Hiya," she ignored the glare of the woman, as she answered her 'phone.
"Hello," the grim tones of the Green Man settled the worries of Ms. Madison. "Are you enjoying yourself?"
"I think I've gone insane," Ms. Madison smiled. "But I guess you're the man with the answers. What do I do?"
"You do your job," the Green Man told her. "Until I tell you not to. You live as though you are who you seem to be."
"Even in a call centre?" Ms. Madison was incredulous.


green man fan said...

Sometimes The Green Man has a mask that covers the lower part of his face. Other times his mask covers the upper part of his face. Couldn't a mastermind such as The Grey Tabby put two such photos together and deduce The Green Man's true identity? Questions like these keep me up at night.

Ms. L. Madison said...

A mastermind could do the photo splicing, and much good would it do them. You see, the other part of the face is covered with prosthetics. It confuses the hell out of the opposition. In fact it's got several computer types bumped off by their conrollers.

I love my job!

The Girl in Grey said...

But I know his secret identity anyhow. Maybe I could use the fact to blackmail him into marrying me?