Thursday, November 01, 2007

Murder to Order: One

The band at the Savoy played softly, the dancers swaying over the floor. Ms. Madison, held in the arms of Mr. Rake, looked at the band and the elegant surroundings. She sighed, an action that caused her beau to look solicitously at her.

"Still thinking about him, Lynette?" he asked tenderly. "After he left you. You haven't seen him in weeks."

"But my bills here are still being paid," Ms. Madison replied soberly. "He's coming back, Mike - I know he is."

"He put you in hospital!" Mr. Rake looked shocked. "You almost went mad, and Sylv's still in a nursing home! But you still want to run around with him?"

"Mike," Ms. Madison sighed again, "please don't be jealous. I'm his secretary, not his girl-friend. He's got one of those, and I think you've met her."

"The cat lady?" Mr. Rake chuckled. "I've met her. She's a nice girl, and a lot more domestic than you are, Lynette."

"She's the Girl in Grey," Ms. Madison laughed, "but it's not so hard being more domestic than me. I live in a hotel, after all!"

Mr. Rake shook his head, looking down at the girl in his arms. He stopped dancing, his hands on her arms.

"Lynette," he sighed deeply. "I know you too well to expect you to change and become a domestic goddess. But when your eyes shine like that, I wonder why I bother seeing you. I love you, Lynette, but love doesn't wait forever. Can't you just..."

Ms. Madison looked up at him with big blue eyes. Light caught a teardrop lurking there.

"Don't force me to choose, Mike," she fought to control herself. "Don't ever force me to choose!"
She remained icily self-controlled, as she marched out of the ballroom. But in the lift the tears came. She ran into her room and threw open the bathroom. Ms. Madison was about to throw something at the mirror when the 'phone rang.
"M...Ms. Ma...Madison," she stammered tearfully.
"This is the Green Man," the familiar voice brought a smile to Ms. Madison's tear-stained face. "You are to take a taxi from this hotel in fifteen minutes. It will be green and driven by a woman. Just stay in it. Your briefing is on the rear seat. Do not be late."

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