Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the Green Man's Private Files: Two

"Sparrowhawk again..." Ms. Madison sighed. "If I didn't know better, boss, I'd say there was still something between you."

"Only the past." The way the Green Man spoke told her that she had said too much. The blonde did not speak again, waiting for the Green Man to say something. After a moment when only the soft cooing of pigeons could be heard, he spoke:

"Not so far from here, in a more prosperous part of the city," he told her, "lives a man called Cliveden Stannard. His business card describes him as a property developer, but his business is, in reality, every form of corruption under the sun. At present, he is running what appears to be an investment syndicate. There are no shares. Shortly, the money will dry up, and the poor and desperate who entrusted him with their savings will be swindled. I have learned that Sparrowhawk has taken it upon herself to teach Stannard a lesson, in the guise of an interested investor. I also have reason to believe that Stannard knows she is an impostor, and is only waiting for a convenient hour to destroy her."

"And I am to protect her?" Ms. Madison smiled.
"You are to succeed where she has apparently failed." The Green Man drew back into the shadows. "You are to foil the plans of Cliveden Stannard. And if he has, as I believe, been guilty of willful murder, among his many crimes, then he will know my vengeance. Report back here in a week. I shall be waiting."
Ms. Madison gave a nod of acknowledgement, before she walked out the way she had come.

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