Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From the Green Man's Private Files: Nine

"What the hell are you doing here?" Ms. Madison looked, wide-eyed at the leather-sheathed figure of Sparrowhawk.

"Looks like the same thing as you." There was a light of mischief in the eyes of the masked maiden. "I came here to crack his safe. But I got here first." A satisfied smile spread over her face."So, the Green Man got the memo at last."

"What do you know?" Ms. Madison drew closer. "What have you found out..."

"Right now? Sparrowhawk walked back to the open safe. I only got here a few minutes before you. Wanna help?"

The two young women emptied the safe between them, taking piles of documents of equal size. Ms. Madison laid her documents on the desk, while Sparrowhawk took the floor. They sorted through them with as much speed as they could muster without running the risk of missing something. At last, Sparrowhawk looked up, eyes wide.

"Samwell Estates, right?" she addressed Ms. Madison in that odd tone of hers.

"That's right," Ms. Madison nodded, kneeling beside the lass in leather. "What have you found?"
"Only this." Hawkie brandished a couple of documents. "Two copies of Samwell Estates' trading account. Both addressed to Stannard."
"That's enough to prove a relationship between Stannard and Samwell Estates." Ms. Madison smiled. "And that's enough to prove that what happened with the church was no accident. And that's enough to get Stannard prosecuted."
"If you can get those papers to a judge."
A voice behind the two girls caused them to start. They saw two big men with guns. Guns that were pointed at them. Slowly, they rose, rasing their hands. The two men nodded approvingly.
"The boss is going to want to see you." One of the men spoke, in a definite Estuary accent.
"I think," Sparrowhawk turned to her friend, "we're in trouble."

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