Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked: Eighteen

The Green Man left the bad guy in the 'phone box, before returning to the two girls. Sparrowhawk smiled, looking up at his return. The smile was worrying, rather than happy, a sort of savage relish in her expression.

"Did you kill him?" she asked, voice soft.

"You never used to like the idea." The Green Man looked sternly at her.

"Yeah, but that was before," she cooed the words, looking more worrying than before. "If I'm going to be your pal, I..."

"I'm sorry, Sparrowhawk," the Green Man shook his head. "Those days are gone. Time..."

"Like an ever rolling stream, bears all her sons away?" Sparrowhawk turned her back on him. "I know. I guess I know it better than anyone else. I just hoped that, for once, I might be able to hold onto more than just a few fleeting moments. You can't deny that there was something between us, that you cared for me..."

"I can't." The Green Man's voice was terse. "But you were dead for ten years. The world can't stop while you take a few years off, Sparrowhawk."
Sparrowhawk looked down at the ground.
"I know." She sighed deeply. "Once, I'd 've stamped my feet, done the old 'life's so unfair' routine. But I've lived too long, seen way too much. Seen way too many people die. Let's get on with this, shall we?" she spoke the last words savagely.
Ms. Madison was only too glad to see a couple of Land Rovers pull up outside the ruins of the priory. Men in cloaks and robes piled out.
"Action!" the beautiful secretary hissed urgently.
"Swell!" Sparrowhawk pulled the bullwhip from her belt.
"It ends tonight." The Green Man concurred, drawing his pistol.

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