Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked: Part Ten

Lady Sylvia looked from the Green Man to the irritated expression of Hawkie, then back again. She sensed a lot of anger in the slender girl in leather. As Sparrowhawk's fists clenched, she wondered whether Hawkie was going to hit someone. She shook her head, as Sparrowhawk stepped up to the Green Man.
"You won't shut me out," she spoke firmly. "And you're not going to try, or you'll find out what it's like to get beaten up by a very angry ex-girlfriend."

"The magistrate dismissed the case after he found out the amount of time you'd spent in several private nursing homes in the United States." The Green Man remained firm.
Sparrowhawk slapped the Green Man, eyes flaring with anger.
"Never use that against me!" she shouted, colouring, he voice a little hysterical. "Okay, so I'm still crazy about you, but that doesn't let you call me insane!"
She was, Lady Sylvia reflected, a little more touchy about that than was entirely safe. But then, she was still a friend, no matter what. And she was great in a fight.
"I can't let this fail again, Sparrowhawk," the Green Man still shook his head. "You know how that is."

Sparrowhawk turned her back on the Green Man.
"I'm in this," she glared at the Green Man. "I've been in for a very long time. And I'm not giving up for you. Of course," she smiled, "if you promised me a date, I might just..."
"You're in," the Green Man spoke sharply.
"Oh!" Sparrowhawk pouted, folding her arms.
The Green Man took Sparrowhawk's arm and led her through the garden, at last vanishing among the walls and the roses. Lady Sylvia watched them go, wondering just what was going on between the Green Man and his old flame.


green man fan said...

I see a rivalry between The Girl in Grey and Sparrowhawk.

In other news, The Green Man could use some cool 1960s intro music such as

The Girl in Grey said...

You've got it in one, Pal. In fact, I'm sharpening the claws already.

green man fan said...

Is The Green Man on holiday somewhere or is he doing some sort of black box op that can't be relayed to a cowering world?

Sir Richard Arcos said...

The Green Man has been trying to lose Sparrowhawk. that girl is very persistent.